Rubis Submarine Dive Wreck - Mediterranean Sea - France { 27 images } Created 12 Nov 2022

The wreck of the Rubis submarine is an exceptional dive in the Mediterranean sea, located at Cap Camarat, between Cavalaire and St Tropez. The wreck rests at 40 m on a sandy bottom. She is very well preserved and her straight position on her keel makes her majestic especially on the bow.
The Rubis is a minelayer submarine, launched in Toulon in 1931. Measuring 66 m long, 7 m wide and 8 m high, it was armed with a 75 gun, two 13 mm machine guns and it could wet up to 32 mines. This submarine was equipped with a 3900 HP Vickers-Armstrong engine allowing it a speed of 8 knots while diving and 12 on the surface. The Rubis could descend to 50 meters, and navigate in periscopic immersion up to 15 meters with a crew of 45 men.
After serving in Norway, he came as reinforcements in the Mediterranean sea and in Scotland during the Second World War. On June 8, 1945, he returned to Oran where he was decommissioned and used as an instruction ship until 1950, then transformed into a submarine base. The Rubis emerged intact from the war, which for this type of boat is quite an achievement. In 1945 the results of the submarine are eloquent: 28 missions, 683 mines dropped, 15 ships, 7 minesweepers, 1 freighter of 4360 tons sunk, a damaged U-BOOT.
On January 31, 1958 it was towed 2600 meters from Cap Camarat. Commander Riffaud places the 9 kg charge, and blows up the rear of the Rubis, which sinks to a depth of 40 m for its last trip.
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