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The Donator, or Prosper Schiaffino, is a freighter sunk by a mine in 1945 and located between the islands of Port-Cros and Porquerolles. It is one of the most beautiful wrecks in the Mediterranean.
Donator was built in 1931 in Norway. It measured 78 m of length for 12 m of wide, for a speed de14 in 15 knots for a power of 1800 cv. Its resold in 1933 to the General Maritime Company of Armaments which renames it Small Earth and allocates it to the transport of bananas between the Metropolis and the Antilles. In 1939 it becomes the property of an Algerian Company of Navigation, the Company Schiaffino. This one was in the habit of baptizing the ships with the first names of members of the family, and Donator becomes then the Prosper Schiaffino. This company, which had twenty buildings in 1939, lost 19 during the Second World War: 13 by torpedoes, mines, and 6 by bombing while they were at anchor.
He was converted into a pinardier. Used for the transport of troops and equipment during the war, it found the transport of wine at the liberation. On November 10, 1945, the Prosper Schiaffino sailed for Spain with 29 sailors on board, to protect itself from the mistral, it skirted the coast. In sight of Porquerolles, it passes to the south of the island, too close, and encounters a field of residual mines. An explosion occurs forward at 1:15 p.m. The bow almost detaches from the ship. In 4 minutes, it sinks from the front, the rear almost vertically. Two victims will be counted. He rests on a sandy bottom at 48 meters, the bridge goes up to 44 meters.
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